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Supply Chain Solutions

Automotive and Heavy Truck

All State Express is one of the nation's largest and trusted transportation providers of exclusive use ground and air solutions of Time Critical transportation services to the Automotive and Heavy Truck industries. Whether its domestic or cross-border in or out of Mexico and Canada, ASE will provide safe and secure solutions via ASE capacity or our network of dedicated partner options. The Automotive sector is the largest vertical with respect to Time Critical transportation within North America. In fact, national expedited transportation was founded and has grown as the automotive OEM's reduced inventories and pursued JIT initiatives in "leaning-out" their supply chains.

Because late deliveries can result in expensive lost time in plant shutdowns, or expensive "run withouts", quality providers with technological and reliability are the motor carriers of choice when assembly lines are hanging in the balance. ASE is daily supporting OEM's and Tier suppliers throughout the NAFTA region to ensure the heartbeat of North American manufacturing never stops.


All State Express understands the critical transportation needs of general manufacturing. When raw material supplies are tight, molds need to be re-tooled, machines require repair or refurbishment, and customers are demanding JIT delivery or quick response, manufacturers call on ASE to make sure they are not going to fail their customers in an increasingly competitive market.

We let you focus on your core competencies of engineering and manufacturing while All State Express guarantees your products will be produced and as delivered safely and efficiently as possible.

Energy and Utilities

Unplanned and planned power generation outages and transmission & distribution interruptions are costly challenges that must be met with providers that realize the value of quick response, timely restoration, and 24/7/365 call center support.

All State Express regularly supports the energy and utilities vertical when hurricanes or winter storms strike, and in the planned outage seasons of spring and fall.

Our time critical services to the utilities industry ensures the following:

  • Constant surveillance and visibility of critical supply in-transit
  • Adequate insurance coverage for freight that is commonly of high-value
  • Minimization of outages when our expedited service is needed for replenishment, replacement, refurbishment or acceleration of restoration
  • Haz-Mat Authority and bonded-carrier status
  • Coast-to -coast coverage, 24/7/365 by ground and air

Aerospace and Defense

At All State Express, we offer a variety of domestic and shipping solutions to the U.S. Government agencies and contractors.  All State Express’s service solutions range from expedited time critical transportation to dedicated logistics support for on-going projects. Whether we respond to a natural disaster or support the U.S. Armed Forces, ASE is proud to offer a range of ground and air transportation solutions for deployment and recovery.                                                

Our Government Services include:                                                

  • Direct and expedited truck service to and from all points in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico
  • Domestic air charter and air freight services
  • Temperature Controlled Shipments
  • Real-time satellite tracking capabilities via web portal and automated notification process
  • Customer Service available 24/7/365

All State Express provides Protective Services via:                                                

  • Constant Surveillance Service
  • Dual Driver Protective Service
  • Security Escort Vehicle Service (via Federal Agency or ASE escort)
  • Satellite Tracking Surveillance


Ground and Air Time Critical ASXA
Logistics Services ASTJ
Cage Code 1TRJ8
NAICS 484122
SIC 4213


The chemical industry is challenged in its distribution networks to procure time critical transportation from quality providers, as the costs in its own production processes have risen due to ever-increasing regulation and raw material costs. We regularly support the chemical industry in ensuring that critical supplies reach their destination in time for application, so that these companies can focus on their core competencies of production and innovation.

Our time critical services to the chemical industry ensures the following:

  • Constant surveillance and visibility of critical supply in-transit
  • Adequate insurance coverage for freight that is commonly of high-value
  • Haz-Mat Authority and bonded-carrier status

Packaging and Paper Products

With one of the biggest users of Time Critical service, the packaging, printing, and paper industries are constantly having to meet deadlines. ASE supports and provides exclusive use services to the industry today, making us a trusted and reliable provider.

Constant innovation in packaging design, marketing promotions and special events drives the need for printed materials and FMCG supply chains to be armed with significant and capable Time Critical transportation solutions. ASE Expedited and Logistics capabilities give our customers in this sector the ability to react to small- and large-scale movements of materials across North America.

When you need a trusted partner to provide capacity, visibility and speed to your supply chain initiatives, call on All State Express. We will professionally handle the coordination and on-time movement of materials while you can rest and watch your critical inventory moving on-time in our real-time web portal.

Consumer Goods/Retail

The consumer goods sector faces many challenges that cannot be met without reliable and responsive transportation partners like ASE.  Retailers launch new product lines, meanwhile, marketing designers are hard at work preparing for the next introduction.  Quick response is necessary when speed-to-market is vital.  Failure can result in obsolescence, having to carry inventory until next year, and lost sales to competitors. 

While focus on their core competencies of marketing, branding and slotting, ASE provides quick response and end-to-end transportation visibility for retail businesses.  ASE will ensure that your product and displays get to market on-time…every time.

ASE is a supply chain partner to many successful consumer and retail companies, supporting some of the following industry sectors:                                                

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Footwear and Apparel
  • Furniture
  • Home Appliances
  • Home Improvement Products
  • Household and Personal Care Products
  • Media and Entertainment Products
  • Paper Products and Paper Related Products
  • Sporting Goods

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

All State Express built its reputation of reliability in delivery of critical-care medical products.  Delivering products and medicines that people depend on for good health and life support is serious business requiring reliable, secure, and specialized partners.                                                

ASE has the expertise in healthcare/medical supply chain management to assist in managing your distribution networks while providing you the security and visibility you need to perform for those whose lives depend on time critical transportation on the ground or by air.  

Our time critical services to the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector ensures the following:  

  • Constant surveillance and visibility of critical supply in-transit
  • Adequate insurance coverage for freight that can be of high-value
  • Successful delivery to your customers - precisely when they need it